Rules of procedure of submitting and publishing works in Higher Economic - Social School in Ostroleka Working Papers

  1. Working Papers of HESS in Ostroleka are a Scientific Journal published annually. Programme Board ensures that Working Papers present the substantive quality.

  2. The contents of the Scientific Journal is divided into chapters:
    5. Division into chapters may vary.
  3. Articles in Scientific Journal are published in Polish as well as Conference languages.

  4. Articles are accepted by the editorial office on the dates indicated on Scientific Journal website. Articles must be submitted in an electronic version only to the editor-in-chief’s email address. Together with the article, the person submitting it, indicates the email address that will be used for exchanging correspondence between the editorial office and the author. The articles submitted undergo initial formal verification by the Drafting Committee in partnership with Programme Board. The papers submitted are not returned. Papers that fail to comply with the formal regulations are not given a further assessment and the author is informed about the rejection.

  5. Articles are a subject of assessment process according to the following regulations:

    1. At least two independent reviewers are convened for each publication.

    2. In case of publications in foreign languages, at least one reviewer is affiliated in a foreign institution different than the author's nationality.

    3. Reviews are anonymous under the general principle that the author and the reviewer do not know each other.

    4. The review is in a written form. (a model review is in appendix number 1 to this regulations and it is available on the Scientific Journal website).

    5. Information concerning the results of the review is emailed to the author. If the author wishes to, he or she may be provided with the copy of the review but without reviewer's personal details.

  6. The names of the reviewers of the particular publications are not made public; once a year the list of reviewers is published on the Scientific Journal website.

  7. The articles that have received two positive reviews are qualified to be published.

  8. The Editorial Office reserves the right to reject the article without giving any reason.

  9. Higher Economic - Social School in Ostroleka does not pay wages for the articles that have been qualified for publication in Scientific Journal.

  10. Originally, the journal is published in paper edition (reference document).

  11. Editorial office takes actions against cases of ghost-writing or guest authorship. ‘Ghost writing’ and ‘guest authorship’ are two different cases. In case of ‘ghost writing’ we mean a situation in which a person contributed substantially in writing a publication without revealing the involvement as one of the authors or mentioning his or her role in the acknowledgements. As to ‘guest authorship’ (‘honorary authorship), it is a situation when the author’s contribution is trifling or none, but still he or she is mentioned as the author or co-writer of the publication.

  12. In order to avoid situations mentioned in point 11, the author is obliged to submit an article together with a statement (Appendix 2) referring to:

    1. The contribution of the particular authors in preparing a publication (giving their affiliation and contribution, namely, the information about the author, objectives, methods and protocol etc. used when preparing the article), where the author bears the responsibility for the submitted article.

    2. sources of funding a publication, research institutions’ contribution, associations and other entities ( ‘financial disclosure’).

  13. Editorial Office documents all displays of scientific dishonesty especially breaking and violating the scientific ethics.